Last updated: 31/08/2018 (dd/mm/yyyy)


OctoClient collects none of your data (yet may collect non-personally identifiable information, like crash logs, in the future with your explicit consent). I don’t want any of your data, it’s a liability and privacy is a fundamental human right. As such, I go to all reasonable lengths to avoid collecting any data, and where collection is necessary explicitly disclose it.

Note: I’m using the pronoun ‘we’ below because legal. But at the time of writing, it’s just one person, who doesn’t want your data.

Data OctoClient collects:

OctoClient (excluding 3rd party SDKs) currently collects no data. We receive crash reports and basic analytics from Apple, from users who opt-in to sharing analytics and diagnostics data. OctoClient itself has no built-in analytics.

Support Emails

Support emails sent from OctoClient can optionally include OctoClient diagnostic logs. These logs contain no personally identifiable information, but may contain printer URLs.

Notifications (Future)

We must store anonymous tokens to provide notifications. Notifications are never sent for marketing purposes or other general spam, with the exception of sending critical announcements (something we hope is never necessary).

For technical reasons OctoClient notifications servers may log basic request information, for example IP addresses.

Crash Reporting (Future)

If OctoClient detects a recent crash, it will prompt you to send a crash report. Crash reports are anonymous and non-personally identifiable. Crash reports will only be sent with your consent.

3rd Party SDKs

OctoClient integrates the Zendesk SDK for providing support articles in-app. For information on any data processing from this SDK, see the Zendesk Privacy Policy.